Monday, August 24, 2009

Resizing a T-shirt

My first tutorial! How exciting is this?

Okay so this is something I've done a few times before and do pretty well if I do say so myself. Resizing a T-shirt is a lot easier and can be a lot more fun than you think, not to mention can make the T-shirt itself more fun than when you started! Click on the links to view photos of the process. (I would have put them right in the post but blogger apparently dislikes me a great deal right now).

Step 1:
Find yourself an over sized T-shirt

Step 2: Cut off the thick seemed edges from the sleeves, the neck and the bottom.

Step 3:
Flip the shirt over and create a fold straight down the back of the shirt. Make sure the front of the shirt falls away so that it doesn't get caught up when you cut down that new fold.

Step 4:
Cut along that new fold you just created all the way from the bottom to the top.

Step 5:
Cut strips of about 1 inch that are at least 6 inches long. They may certainly be longer depending on how you want the shirt to look and how big the shirt is to begin with. For a fun shirt you can where anytime I recommend about 6 inches, for a "Clubbing" shirt you can go as far as cutting the strips down the entire back if you'd like. Cut the strips all the way from the bottom to the top. For a more fitted shirt make the strips longer around where your mid section would be so that they can be tied tighter. (Tip: If you find you're having difficulty cutting the strips, create some tension in the fabric, this should make it easier and make the cuts cleaner.)

Step 6: If you have a friend with you, slip on the shirt and have them tie the tassels for you. If you're on your own tie the tassels yourself but make sure to tie them loosely so you can easily adjust where you want. Also keep in mind that you don't have to tie 1 to 1, have some fun if you'd like and tie a few of them 2 to 2 or even criss-cross them!

Step 7: Try on the shirt and make adjustments where you need it.

Step 8:
After trying on the shirt you'll notice that it feels a little funny in the neck and sleeves, so we need to fix that. For the neck cut a slit straight down the front, this can be as long as you'd like. For the sleeves it's essentially the same thing. Cut a slit along the top of the sleeve it will make the sleeves more comfortable and looks pretty cute too! If you'd like something a little more interesting, cute strips all around the sleeves and pull them thin.

Step 9:

But what if I have an oversized shirt with something on the back? Well I'm working on it and I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out!

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial! If you need any help don't hesitate to comment!

Stay tuned for more projects and apartment updates!


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  1. Yay Bailey!!! If I had money, I would go buy an oversized shirt so I could make one of these.... :( But now I can comment on here. I haven't decided if I will actually use my blog or not... we'll see.